What is Interactive 3D? Try it out now…

Typically 3D content is currently delivered in a passive way, either using images or video. If you play the video 10 times, it will look the same each time. We call this pre-rendered 3D, as the scenes are typically rendered in advance ( which can take many hours or even days to complete depending on the complexity of the scene ).

Interactive 3D allows for a much more immersive and engaging experience by allowing the user to control they journey they take. The content is created so that it can be displayed in “real-time”, where the scenes are rendered many times every second.


Sample Interactive 3D Project – Image Search 3D

We have created a simple project to illustrate both what Interactive 3D is, and also our ability to deliver this content on different platforms.


Quick instructions

When the Image Search 3D room loads up, you can click and drag to look around, and click on the images on the wall to interact with them.

Click on the Search Icon in the bottom left and type in a search term ( eg Monet or Michelangelo ) in order to view the results of that Google image search in 3D.


Try it out now!

If you are using a Windows or Mac computer, click on the link below.

http://www.cando3d.com/art?proxy&search=monet ( The search is pre-filled with work by the artist Monet )

http://www.cando3d.com/art?proxy ( no default search )

If you are viewing this page on an iPhone or iPad, click on the link below to download our free “Image Search 3D” app.


If you are viewing this page on an Android device, click on the link below to download our free “Image Search 3D” app.



The content creation pipeline is pretty much the same process for all 3D content creation ( modelling the virtual items, texturing and lighting ).