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Would you like to offer your high end clients an interactive 3D solution as part of your overall package?


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If they have a new product, or an existing product that they want to present to new markets, use our team to develop a virtual version of it. This virtual product can be customised using different materials and parts, and moving parts can be interacted with. If the product has a display, we can even have the screen and buttons interact correctly to allow for virtual training.


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Or if they have talked about creating a fun game to attract people to their website or to increase brand awareness, we can help design, develop and deliver it with you for them.

Check out this link to see some simple game ideas…


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Maybe they just want a presence on the App Store market, for mobile users. Our framework allows us to publish the same content to the Apple iPhone / iPad store and the Android ( Google ) App Store very easily.


Drop us a line at, or call us on +44 2890 923308, and we’d be more than happy to discuss how CanDo 3D could become part of your team, as the virtual “3D development” department!  This type of relationship with Ad Agencies suits us really well, as we just focus on what we do best ( developing great 3D content for innovative projects ) and let you guys focus on what you do best ( managing and delivering innovative projects for your clients )!


Note that if you already have 2D or 3D designers on your team, we are more than happy to work with them and just deliver on the technical / coding parts of the project.  This is something we have done quite often in the past, and have set up our artist workflow to be easy to pickup and fast to use, so that they can get their content into an interactive 3D space very quickly.