Branded Game Development

If you want a fun game based around your brand, product or service, we can help you to both design and deliver it.

Delivering the game in 3D can give it a more immersive, engaging feel than a flat 2D game.  If a 2D game is required, this can still be delivered using 3D technology to speed up the 2D drawing for a smoother user experience.


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Do you make educational games ( Edutainment / eLearning )?

We have previously delivered a number of 3D educational games.  If you have a task that needs to be completed, and a game might not suit the target audience, we can deliver more of a 3D Toy – a fun, engaging experience that involves the user interacting with that task in order to complete all of the required goals.


What if our product doesn’t have anything to do with games!

Don’t worry, there are a number of ways to integrate a fun game with your product in some way.

If we take ACME Chicken and Co, where the CEO is a huge football fan…


Idea 1

– Have a “Goal Kick” game where the advertising banners around the pitch area show the ACME Chicken logo.

– Replace the football with a cooked chicken, and maybe even replace the goalie replaced with the company mascot.

– Place boxes of the packaged product in front of the goal area, which have to be broken down with the ball in order to get access to score a goal.

– Put a time limit on scoring X number of goals, and hey presto, we have a fun game for a chicken company!

This game can now be deployed using Flash via the customers web page, or published on the Apple and Android App Store for clients to download for free.

Idea 2

If the company has product, they probably have a branded transit van.

– Allow the user to control the van, with the companies branding around it.  The van can be modelled to be exactly like their real life van.

– Drive around an area collecting the product, which could be represented by the item hovering in the air at head height and spinning around.  If the item is small, the branded boxes or crates containing the product to be distributed could be used.

– Rather than driving around a generic environment, the actual HQ of the company could be modelled and used as the basis for the map.

– People within the company could be shown within the game, giving gameplay tips or general brand information in a game like fashion.

– Again, add a time limit and try to collect as many of the companys product as possible

Idea 3

If the company has a store or a large corporate location…

– Allow the user to control a character to run around the store.  The character could be branded wearing a company logo t-shirt, or could be the actual company mascot.

– Collect items from key areas of the building within a time limit.

This builds up customer familiarity of key product locations within that store, or helps new personnel become familiar with where various locations are within their new workplace ( an additional view could allow for visualisation of emergency exit paths, which could assist with the companies health and safety regulations ).



Gamification is fast becoming a way to take a product or process ( which may not be fun ), identify behaviours that should be encouraged, and rewards the user for carrying out that behaviour.

If you have an idea that you would like us to “gamify”, send it on over and we’ll put some ideas together for you, as well as some ballpark costings if required.