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If you want to ask us any questions regarding the development of a project, or part of a project, that could utilise real-time 3D, feel free to contact us at

There are a number of reasons why partnering with CanDo to deliver a 3D aspect of a project might be a great idea.

  • 3D can be appealing to certain demographics – eg “Generation X-Box”.
  • For product visualisation, especially for custom projects, it can be very effective ( allow the customer to view the product any angle as they interactively change look of it ).
  • For an online ( or mobile ) company branded game, delivering¬†in 3D can ensure a more immersive, console feel for the end user.


If you want to contact us by mail, you can reach us here…

CanDo 3D

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Our phone number is +44 (0) 775 278 1550