Flash Migration – from Shockwave 3D to Flash 3D

We’re in the process of moving our core technology to Flash 3D, for a number of important reasons…flash3D

Previously we have used Shockwave 3D ( Director ) for 99% of our projects, and Unity 3D and Shiva 3D for about 1% of them. Flash didn’t have hardware accelerated 3D graphics when we started out, and up until recently it didn’t support a wide range of older graphics cards. Support for older machines is key for us, as our customers ( and their customers ) don’t always have a powerful “gaming rig” computer.

Now that Flash can finally deliver our core needs, we feel it’s time to make the transition. Moving to Flash also gives us the option to publish to iOS and Android devices ( note: Director 12 publishes to iOS also ).

It also gives us the widest target platform possible – while Shockwave was showing figures ranging between 30% and 50% install base, Flash is right up there in the 90%+ install base.  This means that when an ad agency phones up ( who will almost definitely have a Mac computer ), we will be able to send them links for existing work and be confident that they will work.  It also means that when we send progressive updates of our projects to clients for sign-off, we can again be assured that the relevant sign-off parties will be able to view the content.

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