CanDo 3D Rebrand

We took part in a very cool course that involved rebranding CanDo.

logoThis involved the creation of a new logo and color scheme, which is very cool ( the 3 directional axes even have their origins in our very first logo, over a decade ago! ).

The course also focused on what is core to our company – which in our case is designing, creating and delivering interactive 3D projects.

Part of this process also involved identifying our core customer markets.  These are…

  • 3D eTraining
  • 3D eLearning
  • 3D Games / Toys

Interestingly, our workflow is the same for each of the categories – when the core design has been agreed apon, we then…

  • 3D model the content
  • code the engine to handle the interactivity
  • continually evolve the project from an initial basic prototype.

This process allows us to get early feedback from the client.  This feedback continues right through the whole development process, as we refine each prototype based on that feedback until the result is a final deliverable project.

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