Fun Virtual Reality Entry for Worlds First VR Jam

The worlds first VR Jam ( a Jam is an event where people take part to develop a project under certain conditions, eg a 3 week deadline ) took place in August 2013.


As we have a personal and commercial interest in all things 3D, and we were in possession of a Oculus Rift VR Headset ( ), we put some time aside to design and develop our own entry for the Jam.


We decided early on that our entry would not require any additional input device ( mouse, keyboard, Xbox controller ).  When new users put the VR headset on, they can’t see anything in the real world – this means that when they want to interact with many of the existing VR demos, they either have to have someone else hand them a controller, or they have to blindly swat around the desk until they find the controller – we’ve been there – we still have blue-tack marks on certain keys on the keyboard to prove it! :)  By not requiring any input device, other than the users head movements, we felt that this would lead to a more natural and enjoyable first VR experience.


You can see the YouTube video of our entry here…




While we didn’t get everything fitted into the demo within the 3 week schedule, we did take quite a few important steps…

– We now have VR integration with our in-house 3D workflow.

– We have gained more experience with what does and does not work within a virtual environment.


We are now really looking forward to the next VR Jam, or for a future commercial project where VR can be used to present the user with an alternative view on a particular subject matter.

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